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Buying Carpet

When you purchase new carpet, always buy the best pad you can afford. Not only does it extend the life of your carpet, but it makes even a medium grade carpet feel more luxurious.

Carpet Installers

Carpet is expensive. Don't be in a rush when purchasing carpet. Several months before you plan on purchasing your carpet, contact several carpet layers and carpet stores that offer money back guarantees to people that are unhappy with their purchase. Let them know the size of the carpet you are interested in, and that you are looking for a heavily discounted piece of carpet and don't mind if it is a return or lightly used.


Always keep the remnants of any carpet that you have installed in your home. If you get a hole in your carpet, it can be fixed if you have a piece of it. If it is just a small hole, you can just use a glue gun, and attach some of the fibers from the carpet to the base and then cut the carpet to a uniform height. If it is a larger hole, you are going to have to use the carpet and backing. Cut a patch the size you need to completely cover the repair. Then cut a matching area in your carpet and set it

Move Your Furniture

To prolong the life of your carpet, you need to move the furniture around at least once a year. You don't need to move it far- just enough to change where the legs are digging into the carpet. If you leave your furniture in one place too long, the carpet may flatten to the point it will not recover. It may even become threadbare. If you have large, heavy pieces, you might consider getting casters to put under the legs to spread out the weight. This is almost always done with grand pianos.

Children's Bedrooms

Be sure and decorate your children's rooms with objects that have meaning to them. Posters are inexpensive, make a big statement, and can be found to suit every child. The Internet is an easy place to find them. It is also fun to put things on the wall to remind them of family experiences. Children's artwork, vacation mementos, decorative quilts made from their clothing, and even jig-saw puzzles you've worked on together can be glued on a board and framed.

Bulletin Boards

Here is another fun way to decorate a child's room. Tape off a section of one of the walls in their room, and apply either magnetic or chalkboard paint and frame the area.


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