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Frugal Dessert Tips



Here's an fast and economical way to decorate sugar cookies. Take some granulated sugar and mix a little food coloring into it. Stir well, and sprinkle on the cookies.  Also, to save time, make a large amount of batter, and refrigerate or freeze part of it for easy use later. To make perfect slices, save your frozen juice cans and store the batter in them. When you are ready to make cookies, take them out of the refrigerator or freezer, remove the bottom of the can, and just push out the batter and slice with a knife.

Cookie Bars

If you crave freshly baked cookies this summer, but don't want to heat up your house, think about making cookie bars. Cookie bars are nothing more than cookie batter spread out on a sheet and baked at one time. It is quicker, and your oven will not be on as long.


Store crackers in the freezer. Save money by buying the most economical box of crackers, and freeze all of them except as many as you plan to eat within a few weeks. Your crackers will come out of the freezer as fresh as they went in, and you will not waste money potentially throwing out stale food.

Easy Healthy Snacks

It can be a challenge to eat healthy, especially when it comes to snacks. However, this can be a must for some people. Make life easier for yourself by doing a little prep work when you come home from the store. If you buy carrots, cut them into slices, and place them in a bowl of ice water in the refrigerator. Cut your cantaloupe into slices so it will be ready to go also. Anything ready to eat will be easier to grab- and will get eaten. When you are in a rush or tired, it is just too easy to grab food that is usually not good for you.

Also, there is a reason people on a diet drink so much water. it fills you up. This is also why soup is served at the beginning of a meal. Drink lots of water, and see that your children do also. You will save money because everyone will snack less.


Next time you make chocolate chip cookies, set a few chocolate chips aside and don't put them in the cookies. Next time you make a small cake, or a few muffins, just sprinkle the leftover chips on top while the baked product is still warm. The chips will melt, and you can spread them like frosting- quick and easy.

Pie Crust

Making pie crust is a lot of work. No one likes to eat it when it burns. There are several ways to prevents burning your crust. One way is to cover it with aluminum foil as soon as it turns brown. I knew one lady who bakes her pies in a brown paper bag (with a low temperature in the oven). However, if you use the bottom third of your oven to bake your pies, it is further away from the heating element, and that may be enough to protect the crust.


If you've don't already have them, be sure and purchase some popsicle molds. They are wonderful for summer. It is so easy to make popsicles, and you save money by using items you might otherwise discard. You can also be very creative. Popsicles can be made out of Jello, fruit juices, syrup from fruit, and other liquids. Pour your liquid into the mold, freeze, and see what you get. You can have a lot of fun experimenting with different flavors and ingredients.

If you don't have a popsicle mold, you can use ice trays.  After you put the liquid in the ice tray, cover it with plastic wrap and put toothpicks or small sticks in each section.

Tortilla Chips

If you have leftover tortillas, and don't want to freeze them, try making tortilla chips. Just cut them into smaller pieces, sprinkle with water and seasonings, and pop them in your oven (375 degrees) for about 15 minutes. It is very economical to put them in the oven after baking something else. You can probably turn the oven off after about 7 minutes, and still have enough heat to finish baking them.


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