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Frugal Fruit Tips



If you want to avoid dried out oranges, always choose the oranges you buy according to how much they weight in relation to their size. he juice in an orange is what makes it heavy. If an orange is dried out, it will be a lot lighter.

Purchase by Weight - Most fruit is purchased by weight. Don't automatically reach for the biggest pieces of fruit. If you are making a pie, then you may want the big ones. If they are for snacking, a smaller size will usually fill you up.


Color and texture. Should be yellow- orange and firm.


Color. Should be bright.


Color and texture. Should be dark in color and firm.


Color and weight. Color should be greenish yellow. Lighter grapefruits may be dried out inside and weigh less.


Should be plump and have flexible stems.


Smell them. Also, check the stem end. It should be indented and a little soft.
Cantaloupes should be yellowish, with thick, coarse veining and not too soft. Watermelons should be firm and smooth. Try knocking on the rind. You should hear a deep, hollow thump.


Color should be orange, yellow and red.


Firm and heavy, with finely textured skins.


Bright color with no bruises. Firm.


Choose them slightly under ripe and allow to ripen at home. Look for a bright yellow color (with some green near the stems). No bruises.


Firm, strong color.


Smell it. Look for a small, compact crown, bright leaves, and protruding eyes.


Soft, but not mushy or brown.





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