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Frugal Hair Tips


Blow Dryers

Don't forget to check the filter periodically on your blow dryer. If it clogs up with lint, you will burn out the motor and have to buy a new one. 


Here is a homemade recipe for a daily hair conditioner.  Mix 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in a few cups of water.

Deep Conditioner

Here is a homemade substitute for store bought deep hair conditioners. Use olive oil. Warm it up and apply it to your hair. Wrap your head in saran wrap, and let it sit on your hair for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair, and rinse well.


If you bad dandruff, and you don't want to get a prescription from a dermatologist. use Tar Shampoo. Just remember the Tar Shampoo is hard on your hair. You can also try rinsing it in vinegar.

Hair Cuts

One of the best ways to get an inexpensive, yet good hair cut is to find someone who does it in their home. If you talk to your neighbors and friends, you will most likely find someone nearby who does a good job. Not only do they charge less than most salons, you are not expected to tip them. As they get to know you and your hair, they can also save you money by giving you hair care advise specific to your hair. Beauty colleges are good also, but you won't get the long term personalized service that you will by establishing a relationship with a neighborhood stylist.

As far as your children, you can do it yourself for nothing. It is not hard to cut hair. I took a free 30-minute class several years ago. If you don't want to take a class, you can probably find a video. You can purchase the haircutting tools for the cost of one haircut. Do what it takes to learn to cut hair. You will save a lot of money.

Homemade Hairspray

Melt 3 teaspoons of a light colored jello in 1/3 cup water. Stir until dissolved. Put in a spray bottle, Add water as needed, and shake to keep mixture fluid.

Dry Hair

Here is another homemade formula to help with dry hair. Take an avocado and the yolk of one egg. Cream in the blender. Apply it to your hair when it is wet. Wrap your head in a warm towel, and leave it there for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair, and wash as usual.


To save money on the amount of shampoo your family uses, invest in a couple of pump bottles. When you have to pump it out, you use less. You can even put a rubber band around the pump to use even less, which can be a good idea for children. Also, here is another one of the emergency substitutions that you hope life will never come to. If you run out of shampoo and have to wash your hair you can use liquid dishwashing soap.

Also, don't buy expensive shampoo. Changing shampoos will usually remove chemical buildup on your hair. If you feel you still need more help, pour a little baking soda in your hands right before you shampoo. Mix it together with your shampoo. Or rinse with vinegar.

You can cut down on the amount of shampoo you use by not washing your hair every day.  Washing you hair every other day is also easier on your hair.

Summer Hair Care

Carry a bottle of diluted hair conditioner with you when sun bathing and swimming.  Put it on your hair, and wear a hat when not in the water.


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