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Frugal Identity Theft Tips


Computer Fraud

Never respond to what seems like an email from anyone who has your financial records. Hackers are coming up with new ways all the time to make these emails look legitimate.  Always log in to your accounts, or call them, and ask if there is a problem.

Freezing Your Credit

If you put a freeze on your credit, no one can open a credit card in your name.


It is worth the money to buy a locking mailbox.  Financial records, and even blank checks, as well as payments to you are just too easy a target.

Shred your Documents

Shred all important financial records, and use the type of shredder that does cross-shredding so that there is no way the paper can be pieced together.

Social Security Numbers

Avoid giving other people your SSN.  Be aware, however, that these numbers are not that difficult for other people to access. Do not trust anyone who calls you, no matter how much they know about you and your finances.  Your financial records are easy to access.  Do not be fooled by their knowledge of your affairs and the fact that they don't seem to have an agenda for gain. They do. The Social Security department does all their correspondence by mail.  They will never call you.





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