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Jello Tips


Finger Jello

Finger Jello is made from a combination of unflavored knox gelatin and regular jello boxes.  It costs a little more to make, but it is great to take on picnics and trips because you eat it like finger food, and it doesn't melt.


Jello flavors mix well.  If you have two half full boxes, you can just mix them together.


Always save the juice from fruit cans.  One of the ways you can use it is to add it to jello.  You can also puree over-ripe food and add it to jello.

Fruit Trees

If you have a lot of fruit to can, and you want to do it quickly, can the fruit whole.  When you take it out of the cans, puree it, and add it to your jello.


Some of the most common ingredients to add to jello to make it more special are cottage cheese, cream cheese evaporated milk, whipping cream, fruit and nuts.

Jello Molds

Here is a tip to remove jello from a mold. If it doesn't want to come out smoothly, place a hot towel around the base of the pan for a few minutes. Hopefully that will loosen it from the pan so that it will slip out of the mold, and you won't waste any of it.

Jello Squares

For a festive dessert, make several colors of jello, and when set, cut them into small squares.  Use these colorful squares to make festive recipes.


Jello can always be set in layers for a more festive look.  It takes more time, but it looks great and doesn't cost any more money.


Jello can be made to look festive by putting it in a mold.  To serve, remove from the mold and put on a plate, surrounded by fresh fruit.


Sometimes the jello needs to set up a little before you can add ingredients that may either float or fall to the bottom of the jello when it is still all liquid.

Whipping Jello

Recipes that call for beating jello, change the consistency and make it more festive. First you must set the jello, and then you beat it.  It should double in volume.





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