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Makeup Tips



You should change your makeup every 6 months to keep it fresh and sanitary. You may find that before the end of that 6 month period, your mascara starts to clump and it is hard to get it to work. Try loosening it up. Just load it in very hot water for a few minutes.


How many times have you gone to sharpen your eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, only to have it break? Avoid this by always putting them in the freezer overnight before sharpening.

Removing Makeup

Here's a quick and easy formula to remove makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara. Just use shampoo mixed with a little distilled water. Mix them together in a small bottle. Use approximately 2/3 shampoo to 1/3 water. You can change the formula, depending on how effective it is at removing your makeup.





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