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Meal Planning Tips


"Catch All" Meals

Have at least one meal every few weeks that uses up leftover ingredients, whether fresh or frozen.  Soups, Stews, and Stir Fry are examples of "catch all" meals.

Cook Double

You save time and money cooking a double recipe and then putting half aside for another evening. 


Keep a kitchen journal.  When you try a new recipe, write down what you liked about it, or if something was wrong.  Don't make the same mistake twice or forget about a good thing.


Always check for leftovers that can be used in other meals. 


To meatless once a week.  There are lots of great pasta and salad recipes that will fill you up, as well as egg and cheese dishes.  It's good for your pocketbook and health to eat less meat.

Newspapers and Ads

Plan your meals around the items on sale, and check for coupons on Internet sites.


Don't be afraid to add sandwiches to your menu.  They can be made special by the use of special breads and toppings.

Slow Cooker

Eat one Crockpot meal each week.  Pick your busiest day, and avoid convenience food.

Write it Down

You don't have to invent the wheel over and over.  Keep copies of your weekly recipes and meal planning for the week.





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