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Frugal Meat Tips



Buy meat in bulk at a store like Costco, and then separate it and freeze it.


Make friends with the butchers in stores where you buy your meat. Most people are social, and do not mind being interrupted from their work to answer a few questions. Let them help you make decisions, such as which cuts of meat make the best pot roast; or what is the least expensive cut of meat that you can use for pot roast. You might also ask for tips on how to tenderize inexpensive cuts of meat. Sometimes the best questions are broad, such as "What are the best buys today, or what do you recommend?"

Grinding Meat

If you eat a lot of meat, consider purchasing a meat grinder.  You can buy chuck roasts on sale, and grind them into hamburger.


Nothing burns up your food budget more than meat. You can do a lot of little things, like extending your hamburger with rice or bread crumbs, but it is still expensive. Try and have a meatless meal at least a few times a week. When you do buy meat, go to a warehouse type store and buy it in bulk. Bring it home and split up the large packages. Not only does it cost less that way, it is usually better quality meat.

Pressure Cookers

Save money buying cheaper cuts of meat and cooking them faster with a pressure cooker.


Buy meat that is marked down, but be sure and use it right away.


Meat is sold by weight.  Don't pay for a lot of bones, unless you are planning on making soup stock from them.





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