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Frugal Pie Tips


Baking Powder

Add 1/2 tsp to dry ingredients before adding the water.


Keep the edges of the crust from burning by covering them with strips of aluminum foil.  Or, if your pie is cooked on low heat, you may be able to cook it in a paper bag.

Crust Options

If you want to make a faster and easier pie crust, make or buy a graham cracker crust or make a no-roll crust.


Don't keep adding flour to the crush so it won't stick to the board when rolling out the dough.  That will make the dough tough.  If you are having a problem, roll the dough out between 2 pieces of wax paper.


Use a pastry blender or 2 knives when preparing the dough.  The oil from your hands will toughen the dough.

Pre-baked Crusts

Always thoroughly prick a pie crust  without filling with your fork so that it doesn't shrink.


Be gentle with the four and dough so it doesn't compact.  When rolling the crust, make short, light strokes from the center outwards.


This isn't health conscious, but if you want a flakier crust, or to win a ribbon at the county fair, add more shortening to your recipe.


When you add water to the dough for the crust, use ice water.

Cherry Pie

You can make cherry pie look more appetizing by darkening the cherries with some red food coloring.

Pumpkin Pie

Always add the filling for pumpkin pie to the pie tins after they are placed on the pulled out oven rack.  Otherwise you will not be able to fill them to the brim. (Push the racks carefully back into the oven after the filling is in the pie tin)


Use a can scrapper to remove all the ingredients from a canned pie mix. You can also use a spatula, but the scrappers get all of it.


Avoid messy spills in the oven by using a tray under your pie tin.


If your filling tastes too sweet, add some fresh lemon juice.


Keep the whipped cream and ice cream handy.  Some people don't like to eat pie without it.





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