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Frugal Quilting Tips

Batting Remnants

Use small leftover pieces of batting and fabric to make fabric covers for your hangers. You can hang up sweaters and pants without getting creases in them. They also make great gifts.

Block Size

The less cutting you do, the less waste of fabric.  If money is very tight, make large blocks. You can always add small blocks in the border, on the corners, or even between the large blocks.


Save large scraps from your children's clothing for future quilts.  Also, keep an eye out for interesting pieces of fabric at garage sales and thrift stores.

Cutting Down Blocks

If you make your block too small, you may not be able to use it.  Sometimes it is better to make your block a  little larger and then cut it down.


Make your own starch by using liquid starch and water and putting it in a spray bottle.

Fabric Scraps

Always save little bits of leftover fabric. You may not see a use for them now, but later you may need them for appliqué, paper piecing or making miniature quilts.


Use fleece as both the batting and back of a child's quilt to save money.

Pre- washing Fabric

Don't risk ruining a quilt by not pre-washing your fabric before you use it. You can always make it stiff again by starching it.

Rotary Blades

You can get rotary blades 1/3 the cost if you get them from suppliers for cutting carpet. Same thing,just cheaper.

Starting to Sew

You will save thread by using a starter strip.

Serger Thread

Depending your project, you can use less expensive serger thread in your sewing machine.

Thread Color

Use a putty or beige color thread and you can use it with almost all projects.

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