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Frugal Scrapbooking Tips


Art Supplies

Check stores like Michaels for art supplies when you get a coupon, and remember to check the clearance section.  Spray adhesive can be found a hardware stores like Lowes.


Make good use of all the free clipart on the Internet.  Just print out pictures you like, cut them out, and have them grouped together to add to your pages. 

Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a must.  You save so much money being able to take as many pictures as you want, and just deleting the ones you don't like.  It is easy to send your digital photos to stores like Walgreens and have them make prints.

Dollar Store

In addition to glue, check out the greeting card section of the Dollar store.  Some of the 50 cent cards are really cute and can be cut up to make great paper shapes


If you have a friend that quilts, as if you can check out her stash.  Most quilters have lots of fabric, and would be happy to let you have a small piece.  Also check out ebay for fabric squares.


Save a lot of money having scrapbooking parties and doing it with friends.  You want variety in your layouts, and you can share embellishments as well as larger items such as paper cutters.


Make good use of the Internet when looking for printable papers as well as layout ideas. Scrapbooking is a huge hobby, and there are lots or resources available online.


Save small leftover bits of paper for punches and mats.  Bring them with you for everyone to use at scrapbook parties.


Keep your supplies organized so that you know exactly when you have.  Use inexpensive containers like empty egg cartons or baby food jars.


Try and look at everything with a view to how it could be used in an artistic way- from your mail to the lace on old clothing.

Swap Supplies

Put items you don't like or have too many of aside.  Trade them with other people for items you can use.

Thrift Stores

Check thrift stores for embellishments, such as buttons, lace, and ribbon.  Check the book section for pictures, and the toy section for small embellishments like game pieces.

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