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Frugal Living, Thrift, and Saving Money


Simple Living Tips


Take care of as many of your own grooming tasks as possible.  Buy a manicure set and do your own fingernails, and extend the time between haircuts by trimming your own hair.


If you must eat out, do lunch.  It is much less expensive than dinner.


Learn to garden and grow vegetables, and you will wonder what it was you were buying in the store.  Food is one of life's pleasures.  Take the time to garden.


Making money is not equal to saving money.  If you make $10, you may only see about half of it after taxes.  However, if you save $10, and spend it wisely, it can be worth much more than $10.


Take the time to get to know your neighbors, and you will feel more secure, save each other money, and enrich each other's lives in many ways.





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