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Frugal Skincare Tips


For acne add 2-3 teaspoons of basil to 1 cup of boiling water. Simmer for 15 minutes. When cool, use a sterile cotton ball to apply to the skin on the face.

After Shave

Make your own After Shave with only two ingredients- rubbing alcohol and cologne. Just fill a bottle about a quarter full with the rubbing alcohol, and top with plain water. Add just a little cologne to make it smell nice. Shake well, and you are good to go.

Body Lotion

The main ingredient in lotion is Aloe Vera. Buy a big bottle when it goes on sale. To make it special, add a few drops of your favorite scent.

Deodorant Substitute

Here is another great use for baking soda. Use it in place of deodorant. It is very effective, and is good for people who are sensitive to certain chemicals and fragrances.

Use every bit of your store bought roll on deodorant by turning it upside down when it is almost empty. Keep an decorative jar or vase handy in your bathroom for this purpose.  You can also use baking soda as deodorant.

Dry Air

Moisturize the dry skin by taking a bath and soak in the tub with a couple of squirts of baby oil. Run a humidifier in your bedroom to keep the air moist. but be sure to keep it clean.

Elbows and Feet

Dry hardened skin on your elbows and feet. by rubbing them with vegetable oil.  Another option for your feet: Mash up a banana and add 3 Tablespoons of lemon juice. Rub this mixture on your feet. Then put your feet in a plastic bags, with a rubber band around your ankles to seal shut. Leave on for 20 minutes.

Facial Scrub and Exfoliate

The most popular frugal homemade facial scrub is plain oatmeal mixed with water. Wipe it on wet, and wash off after it hardens. Or you can use corn starch. Just sprinkle a little in your hands, and add it to the soap when you wash your face.

Facial Masks

Facial masks can be made from oatmeal and honey, or banana and honey.  Mix them together at a ratio of 1:1, apply to your face, let sit 15 minutes, and then rinse.


To keep your hands soft in the winter mix 1 Tbsp each of olive oil, salt and sugar and spread on your hands. Wrap your hands in a towel for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse.

Hemorrhoid Cream

Use hemorrhoid cream to tighten up your face. Apply it to your face, let dry, and then wipe off. You can also use it under your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Shaving Cream

If you run out of shaving cream, use hair shampoo.


Make liquid hand soap by mixing some shampoo diluted with water. This also makes a great gift. I got some last Christmas. It was a beautiful shade of aquamarine, and in a glass jar.

Soft Skin

Put a little powdered milk in your bath, and the lactic acid from the milk will remove dead skin.  This will result in softer skin.


Use water and cider vinegar, mixed together in equal parts.


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