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Wall and Windows Decorating Tips


Removing Wallpaper

If you have old wallpaper in your home you want to get rid of, you can rent a steamer and get it off the wall. However, here is a cheaper alternative. Use fabric softener. Use one part fabric softener to two parts water. First score the wall so that the fabric softener will penetrate the paper. Wet the wall down with the fabric softener, and let it sit a few minutes. Then start peeling it off.


If the moldings in your home are in bad shape, paint them. If they are small, just paint them the same color as your walls, and they will fade away. If your moldings are large, accent them by painting them white or a contrasting color to your walls.

To make a faux large molding on the top of the wall, use two small moldings.  Place one at the ceiling line, and then one several inches below.  Paint the moldings and the wall the same color, and it will give the illusion of a large molding.


Here is a fun art project. Make some cute picture frames for your children's artwork using buttons. There are so many cute buttons, and they are easily found at thrift stores, either in packages or recycled from inexpensive clothing. Just glue them around a frame. If your children are old enough, do it together. These frames look especially nice in your children's rooms, and grandmas love them - when they include a picture of their grandchildren. You can even make them with a magnet on the back to put on the refrigerator.

 Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders may be considered out of style, but they are still a great, economical way to bring color, and whimsy, into a child's room. To make the most of your border, don't place it at the top of the wall, where your children can't really appreciate it. Keep it low, no more than about 3 feet up from the floor. 

Curtain Rods

If you have a very large (wide) window that needs a curtain rod, don't pay the money to buy a custom rod. You have a couple of options. You can buy extra long rods at IKEA, or you can purchase two smaller rods and put them together. If you are dealing with turning a corner, you can use cafe rods.


Large, formal drapes are expensive. Fortunately, simplicity is now in style. Most windows only need a touch of fabric to soften them. You don't have to worry about covering the whole window with fabric. Just put up a valance, or hang some fabric on the sides of the window. Tab curtains are easily hung, and relatively inexpensive. If you hang the draperies to the side of the window, you don't have to line them because they can't been seen from the front of the house.

Custom Drapes

The difference between custom drapes and plain drapes is often nothing more than the details. One way to make a plain drapes look elegant is by adding trims. These are easy sewn or glued to the edge of the fabric. If you want your drapes to look more elegant, embellish them.


Install you curtain rods wider than your window so that when you open your drapes they will come totally off the window, making the window look bigger and bringing in more light.


When you buy sheers, make sure they are very fluid and hang nicely.  Also, look through them on both sides.  Some of the new sheers are very good at letting you see out on one side, but blocking the view on the other side.

Window Shades

Window shades are a very economical way to get needed privacy. However, some of them are quite flimsy and tear easily. Make them look better by patching any tears with clear fingernail polish. Rips will not be as obvious, and you can prolong their life a bit longer.


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