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Frugal Weight Control Tips



Don't miss breakfast.  You will become so hungry, you will binge.


Carbohydrates do not have a lot of calories.  The butter, sour cream and sauce that you put on them is what causes weight gain. All calories are not created equal.  The body burns off carbohydrates for energy at a higher rate than foods rich in fat.  Replace fats with  more complex carbohydrates and you will lose weight.


As you shrink out of your clothes, give them to charity.  Don't make it easy to gain weight again.  However, be careful of buying new clothing, as you may find you get a lot smaller than you thought you would.


Don't go on fad diets.   That kind of weight loss doesn't last, and usually isn't healthy.  Just eat less, and move around more.


Do not read or watch television when you eat.  Otherwise that activity will trigger the response to eat.


Don't let your emotions be your downfall.  Have a plan to rejuvenate when things to badly during the day that doesn't involve food.


Take advantage of every opportunity to move around more, from parking your car further from the store door to vacuuming an extra room.  Try to walk 30 minutes a day.


Eat lots of fiber to stay full, and keep your system operating smoothly.


Always set goals.  "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."


There is no reason to go hungry. Snack on raw vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, radishes, broccoli, etc.  They won't hurt your weight loss, and will help your health.


Try and eat 5 small meals a day, as opposed to 3 larger ones.  You will feel less deprived.  When you eat something, wait at least 2 hours before eating again.


Don't hurt your body going without proper nutrition.  You will be more energized to stick to good eating habits if you eat properly.


Prepare yourself for a "regular" diet when you achieve your weight goals.  Everyone eats one opposed to the whole bag.

Reward Yourself

Find a way to reward yourself (not food)  when you lose a specific amount of weight.


Don't be so strict as to cut sugar totally out of your diet.  If you make it too difficult, you will not stay the course.  Learn to eat sugar in moderation.


Do not eat for 2-3 hours before you go to bed.


Drink as much water as you can to fill you up and for health reasons.

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