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Garage Sales: Selling

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Save money on garage sales by holding them on days when you will have the largest amount of traffic and may sell more items.  Make sure there are no competing events going on in your community on the day/days of your sale.

Also, never take large bills and give change.  They may be counterfeit, and you will give away all your money.  Be wary of someone buying just one small item and handing you a large bill. 


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more tips to make more money at garage sales.


- Sticker price all items, but be ready to bargain.
- Hang items on racks or lay them on tables and they will sell better than if you put them
on the ground.
- Put items in original packing if possible.  This gives buyers gift options.
- Place small items in the front; large items in back of them.
- Be organized.  Put like items together.
- Rearrange items as things sell and you have empty spaces.
- Use color and tablecloths to make items more attractive.








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