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Gardening: Planters

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Save money on planters by filling up unnecessary space on the bottom with something other than potting soil.  Rocks work well, because they allow drainage.  Another thrift friendly possibility is styrofoam packing peanuts.  They have the advantage of keeping the planter lighter.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are more frugal tips to save money gardening with planters.


- If you have even basic carpentry skills, you can make your own wood planters.
- Be creative when it comes to choosing planters.  Anything that will hold soil and can be left outdoors is a potential garden planter.
- Planters on wheels can be moved around to take advantage of the sun.
- Stack up old tires for planters.  These work well for harvesting potatoes.
- Check used sources, like craigslist, for items that you can repurpose into planters.
- Don't overwater plants.  Provide drainage on the bottom of the planter. A lot of planters now have elevated sides or legs that allow the planters to drain.
- Remember that plants are like people, they have their likes and dislikes.  Do your research on what you are planting and give your plants the proper soil amendments and fertilizer.








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