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Gardening: Watering

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Save money watering your lawn and garden plants early in the morning.  If you water in the heat of the day, you can lose water through evaporation.  Watering in the evening, in most climates,  can cause plants to rot or mold.

Exercise thrift by not wasting water in the house.  If it takes a long time to bring up the hot water from your faucet, keep an empty water jug nearby to save the cold water.  You can also catch rain water from your downspouts and use it to water plants. 


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are more frugal tips to save money watering your garden.


- Use a drip hose to water your garden.
- Use a heavy layer of mulch so plants require less watering.
- When going on vacation,  use empty milk jugs to water sensitive plants.  Punch a few small holes in the milk jug and then fill them up with water and place them next to your plants.  The water will slowly leak out and water them while you are gone.






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