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Gifts: Children

Lincoln logs


Frugal, thrift friendly gifts for children can be hard to choose.  Children have so many toys these days.  The last thing you want to do it spend money to buy them something they already own.

Gift baskets can also be put together for children.  They can be filled with items that always need replacing, such as crayons, coloring and activity books,  chalk, and other drawing supplies. You can also add some fun stickers, puzzles, or small books.  Other items might include a colorful pair of socks or slippers, or some candy.  When children get a little older, they are intrigued by money, whether it is a few coins or dollars. 


dollar bill being stretched


Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money on gifts for children.


- Most children don't care if something is used as long as it works as intended.  Keep an eye out at garage sales and thrift stores for potential gifts.  Some children's toys are classics, such as  Lincoln logs.
- Children may not be as excited to receive clothing as parents, but it can help a family finances to give clothing as gifts.
- Give money.  I've seen my grandchildren get excited when they open a bag of just a few $1.00 bills, crunched into balls for volume.  When they get older, they also understand the significance of gift cards.







Tightwad Tidbits

piggy bank

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