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Gifts are part of every budget.  Not only does Christmas roll around every year, but so do birthdays and other special occasions.  Frugal people are always on the lookout for sale items that make great gifts.

Some gifts need sizes.  Keep a list with you when you go shopping that has the clothing sizes of the people that you buy gifts for each year.  Write down the dimensions of their tables, bed sizes, color schemes of their rooms, and other things like hobby interests.

If you can't think of anything else, magazine subscriptions make great frugal gifts, especially for people who don't leave near you.  You save wrapping and mailing cost, and give a gift that continues coming all year.

Be thrifty, save money, and give better gifts.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are more frugal ways to save money on gifts.


- Buy gift cards as you can afford them during the year, and either give them as presents or use them to buy your gifts when needed.
- Set a limit on how much money you will pay for gifts and stick to it.  Gifts can be very
inexpensive and still be fun to give and receive.

- If money is very tight, be honest with everyone and don't give or exchange gifts until things improve. 
- Another option, if you have no money, is to exchange gift certificates for services like babysitting.








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