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Heating Your Home

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Everyone wants your money to help you save money to heat your home. People pay thousands of dollars for energy efficient windows and new furnaces.

If you are going to put in new windows, and you cannot do it yourself, talk with several vendors.  The prices quoted to you will vary, and not by small amounts.  Do not be talked into expensive windows that are beyond your needs. The same holds true for furnaces and duct work. 

You can save thousands of dollars buying the right windows at the right time of year.  Windows and furnaces are not frugal, but you can exercise thrift and achieve substantial savings. 

Insulating your attic is a DIY project, or you can have it sprayed.  Either way, you will reduce your heat bill.  If your utility company offers them, have an energy audit.  Find all the ways heated air is escaping from your home.

Use the sun to heat your home by opening drapes on windows with a southern exposure.  Hang insulated drapes on windows with a northern exposure.

Plant deciduous trees on the southern side of your home.  They will shade your home in the summer, and in the winter the leaves will fall off and let the sun in.

Turn your furnace down just 1 degree, and save 2-3 percent on your energy bill.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money heating your home.


- Have your furnace inspected yearly and replace the filter when necessary.
- Increase the insulation in your attic.
- Insulate the floor boards under your home.
- Put a vapor barrier on the ground under your home.
- Insulate all the ducts your garage, including the duct work.
- Close the heating vents in rooms you are not using.
- Paint warm colors on the walls in north facing rooms for visual warmth.








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