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Save Money Quilting

How to Care for a Quilt   Pristine storage for quilts.

How to Iron When Quilting    How to use your iron when doing patchwork.

How to Have More Fun Quilting   How to Avoid Quilting "Burnout."

How to Make a Frugal Four Patch Block  How to construct the 4-patch, a basic, easy quilting block.

Quilting: A Versatile Hobby  The many projects and uses for patchwork and quilting.

Quilting and Quilt Labels  What to put on quilt labels and a tip for grandmothers.

Rotary Cutter Safety Tips   Safety Precautions for Rotary Cutters.

Tactile Charity Quilts, by Nikki Willhite  Donating your textiles and making tactile quilts for blind children.

Understanding Quality and Discount Fabric  Tips for quilters and selecting fabric for quilts.



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