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Simple Solutions For Your Laundry

by Lisa Andrews

Sometimes I get really tired of spending money on certain products to get rid of stains or even to help make my clothes soft and ironing.

It's a never ending battle keeping up with all the "stuff" you have to buy. Now there are stain pens and cloths, special softeners and odor removers for your wash, etc, etc.

All of it is just a way to get your money while most of it is NOT necessary. I can show you many ways to take care of these "problems" and save your money for something better! You won't believe some of the things you are going to learn. Sit back and enjoy!

OK, lets get started and look at some Home Remedies for Stains that will save you money:


Pour hydrogen peroxide over the stain. It will bubble up like it does with a cut on your skin, which this is what you want it to do. Rub it around then rinse with cold water. Add more peroxide if necessary. This works on colored or white clothes.

Also, you can sprinkle unseasoned meat tenderizer on the blood stain. This will digest the protein in the blood, which helps eliminate it.

In addition, you can soak the garment in lukewarm ammonia water, 3 Tbs. per gallon, then rinse.

For another way, make a paste of cornstarch mixed with cold water. Cover the spot completely with the cornstarch paste and rub it gently into the fabric. Put the garment in a sunny location to dry. Once dry, brush off the remaining residue. If this doesn't completely remove the stain, repeat the process.

Ball point pen

Spray the stain with hairspray then blot with a clean cloth. Nail polish remover will work on some fabrics to remove ink, but first check to see if it's safe for the fabric.

Candle wax or Crayon

Scrape off as much as possible, first. Place a paper towel or white cloth on either side of the material around the stain. Iron it on low to medium setting. The wax should lift off on the towel. Rub a mixture of liquid detergent and water on any remaining stain, rinse, then wash as usual.

Chewing Gum

Rub with ice, then scrape off as much as possible. The ice hardens the gum. You can also put the garment in the freezer then scrape. Rub a little prewash or liquid detergent on area, after gum is removed, then wash as usual.


se a little ammonia or prewash, then rinse well with cold water.


Soak stain in cold water as soon as possible. Depending on the fabric you can use a non-chlorine bleach to remove it in the wash.


If dried try to scrape off as much as possible, first. Soak a cloth or rag in white vinegar then dab on glue spot to saturate and loosen.


Presoak in hydrogen peroxide then wash as usual. On acetate or colored fabrics use 1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water.


Use baby powder to absorb as much of the grease as possible. Also, you can place the stain face down on a paper towel and stroke the backside with dry-cleaning solvent on a clean white cloth. Dampen with water then rub with shampoo or bar soap.


Petroleum jelly is great for removing lipstick stains. If that doesn't work rub a little shortening in with it and wash as normal.


Lemon juice or white vinegar and salt work wonders together. Presoak garment in the mixture then place out in the sun. Wash separately from other clothes.


Apply glycerin to the stain and let soak for 30 minutes. The larger & darker the stain the longer it will need to soak. Rub the glycerin in thoroughly then apply a good laundry spot remover. Wash as usual. Using white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is a much easier choice, then wash as usual.


For oil-based; sponge with turpentine, blotting with a clean rag to prevent the paint from spreading. For water-based; scrape off any excess then wash a normal in hottest water possible.


With new stains sponge on ammonia; for old stains sponge on vinegar. Rinse with cool water then wash in hottest water possible for fabric.

Soak the garment in salt water before washing to remove perspiration stains.


For white clothing pour lemon juice and salt on the stain then let it sit in the sun for a few hours. If the clothing is colored pour on the lemon juice then sprinkle cream of tarter on the area & rinse in hot water.

Salad dressing

You may not believe this, but WD-40 will remove a greasy stain. Place a cloth under the stain then spray it with the WD-40 & let soak. Pour liquid dishwashing detergent on the grease (grease removes grease). Work in thoroughly without rubbing. Wash garment as normal.

Soft Drinks

Use cold water and rubbing alcohol immediately to sponge on stain.

Soiled Shirt Collars

Rub shampoo, made to remove body oils, into the collar before washing.

Tomato or Tomato sauce

To remove stains from tomatoes or tomato sauce, spray some WD-40 directly on the spot, wait a couple of minutes, and wash as usual.


Immediately blot spot with a solution of white vinegar and water. Then wash.


Pour club soda on the stain right away. For more stubborn stains, use a paste of dishwashing detergent and water. Scrub and wash in hottest water possible. Sprinkle salt on tablecloths to remove stain.

Most all of these solutions have been tried and tested. Always remember to treat a stain before you wash and dry it in the dryer. Once your stained garment has been through a dryer it more than likely set in for good.


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