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How to Not Be a Carjacking Victim

by Levi Quinn

Always remember that a carjacker is going to look for an easy victim. They want someone who is distracted, not paying attention, talking on their phone, involved in other activities. They don't want someone who is going to provide obstacles, make a scene, or be a challenge. Therefore, it is your duty to always be a challenge. Outside of painting "don't mess with me" along the side of the car, there are more subtle techniques that will help you The idea of suffering at the hands of a criminal and becoming a victim of carjacking is a truly terrifying idea to most people. Throw in the idea that you transport your children, or your loved ones around in your car, and the prospect of harm coming to any of them while you are in your car might be too much to stomach.

This is why you must learn to take precautionary measures while driving not only in unfamiliar areas, but also when driving around places you know. It is the vigilant person who does not become a victim, and that grouping can include you if you know how to be savvy. protect yourself, your family, and your vehicles from tragedy.

The first point to remember is that if you are confronted by a carjacker or someone who wishes to do you harm, do not resist. Remember that your life and the life of your loved ones are more important than any possession. Never fight someone who is threatening you with a weapon. Do what they say and get out of the car. Let the police chase them, don't be a hero.

Next, keep your doors locked when driving. Do not leave windows down when driving through unfamiliar areas and do not ask suspicious looking people for help, advice or directions. The moment you get out of your car and expose yourself, especially if you leave your car running, is the moment you could run into trouble.

Be aware that thieves use the "bump and rob" technique regularly. This is when you get bumped or hit lightly by another car. The driver of the other car hopes to lure you out of the car to check damage to your car. This is the moment another person emerges from the assaulting vehicle, robs you, and takes your car, leaving you stranded. If this happens to you, stay inside and keep your windows rolled up and doors locked. Resist all attempts at communication with the other driver and get to a police or fire station immediately, somewhere you can be safe.

Finally, remember to be aware of your surroundings when you do have to stop. While it might be convenient to stop at an ATM or a pay phone in an unfamiliar area because you know you are going to be quick, realize that these areas are monitored by thieves, hoping not only to score your car, but also take your cash. If you do have to stop in one of these areas, be aware of people around your car and if someone starts to approach you, roll the windows up and get out of there. Remember, there is no errand so necessary it is worth risking your safety. Realize that anyone can be made a victim in a split second and you have to protect yourself at all times.


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