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Insurance: Homeowner Insurance

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Save money on your homeowner insurance by making sure you are receiving all the discounts possible.   Most insurance companies offer discounts when you carry both their auto and homeowner insurance.  You can also receive a reduction in your rate if you have a home security system, deadbolt locks on your doors,  and a fire extinguisher.


Be sure and check around at least yearly to make sure you are going with the company with the best premiums for your situation.  A larger deductible in case of a claim will also lower your premium.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some more frugal tips to save money on homeowner insurance.


- Be sure your homeowner insurance is based on the correct square footage of your house.
- Separately insurance unusual valuable items.
- Don't file a claim unless you know it is covered and well over your deductible.  Even calling about a claim may raise your premium.
- Companies vary in premiums, services, and coverage.  Do your homework to find the best policy for your home. 
- If a large disaster hits your area, a smaller company may delay payment.
- Buy your insurance with the help of an agent that represents multiple companies.








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