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Jars are great storage containers. They are usually made of glass, so you can easily see the contents.  Jars can hold everything from food and food gifts, to buttons and nails.

Many of the things we buy come in jars, such as candles and flowers.  Recycling these jars is a very thrift conscious way to obtains jars.

Jars are also abundant in thrift stores and very frugal.  Many people having given up canning, and this type of jar is readily available.  They don't have lids, but you can cover the with fabric and secure them with elastic, cord, ribbon, etc.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money on canning jars.


- If you plan to recycle your jars, buy food in jars instead of plastic.
- Save glass jars for making "gifts in a jar."
- Here are some craft projects for jars:  aquariums, glass photo frames, candle jars, vases, "make-  a-mix" food jars, storage jars, paint jars, decorative centerpieces, and piggy banks.

- Use baby food jars for storage of small items.  If you screw the lids under a shelf, you can hang them to save space.








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