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Junk Mail

junk mail


Save money by recycling the free paper, pictures or envelopes that come unwanted to your mailbox.  Some of the paper that comes is free of writing and can be given to children to make planes or for coloring. 

Envelopes can be used as paper or even turned inside out reused.  Padded envelopes can be reused by simply covering the old address information and taping on the new address.

Sometimes junk mail has pretty pictures. Cut them out and use them as inspiration for projects or decoupage. 


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some frugal tips to help control junk mail.


- Remove yourself from mailing lists that are not important to you.  They just tempt you to spend money.
- Search the Internet for sites to help remove you from receiving junk mail. You can opt out of everything from catalogs to credit card offers and phone books.
- Put a "No Junk Mail" sign on your mailbox for your postman.








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