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Everyone needs lamps in their home, both for task and ambient lighting.  There are many styles of lamps.  The best way to make a frugal lamp purchase and save money on lamps is to buy lamps that will not break and are as versatile as possible.  Versatile lamps have classic lines, and are easily moved from one room to another.  There are classic lamp shapes for every style of home decor.

Lamps need to have enough weight on the bottom that they won't tip over.  If you have children you may want to buy a lamp with a wooden stand or another material that will not break.

If your lamp stops working, fix it.  It is not hard to rewire a lamp. You can find a kit at any hardware store.  Garage sales are a great source of thrift as you almost always find lamps for sale.  Lamps purchased at garage sales and thrift stores are often broken and need new shades.  However these lamps often have a lot of character and can be spray painted and rewired. It is often the lamp shade that makes them look so dated, and that can be replace.

There are many sizes and types of replacement lamp shades available.  Always take your lamp base with you when choosing a lamp shade.  You need to put the shade on the lamp to see how it sits and make sure it not only looks good, but covers the bulb area properly.

If you want to showcase a collection of small items, you can buy a lamp with a clear glass (or plastic) base that is designed for display.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some more frugal tips to save money on lamps.


- Don't be too quick to get rid of a lamp that isn't working.  Remember, any lamp can be rewired.
- For original, one-of-a-kind creative lamp, look for unusual items that can be made into lamps.
- Thrift stores and garage sales are full of lamps that can be updated.
- Don't be to quick to buy matching lamps.  It can make a room look like a furniture store and lack  character. 
- Be sure the shade of the lamp covers the harp on the base.
- Lampshades are usually white, but remember there is a big difference between cream and white.

  Pure white lampshades may not look good with an ivory wall.  Save your receipts until you try them out at home.








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