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Landscaping: Energy Savings



Save money on your landscaping by letting it do double duty.  Planting the proper trees around your home is frugal and thrift conscious, and will save on your utility bills.


Plant deciduous trees on the south side of your home.  The leaves will come off in the winter, letting the sunlight hit and warm your house.  In the summer, the shade from the leaves of the tree will cool your home.  Plant evergreens on the north side, to break the cold winter wind.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are a few more facts to remember about trees so that they will benefit your budget and not hurt it.


- Plant trees that thrive in your geographic area.
- Plant fruit trees for additional savings.
- Use the proper soil when planting your trees, fertilize them, and water them so they will thrive.
- If necessary, stake your trees so they will grow straight.
- Be careful the type of trees that you plant next to your house and sidewalk.  Aggressive tree roots will push them up.  Trees roots will also grow through old drainage pipes.








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