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Everyone like to read magazines.  If you like to collect them, and review them from time to time, the best way to save money on magazines is with a discounted subscription.  Look for offers in the mail, and visit internet sites and look for coupons.


If you just like to read magazines and then you are done with them, your best thrift option is to read them at the library or doctor's office, or borrow them from friends and family.


If you are a regular subscriber to a magazine, and you don't renew it on time, some magazines will start sending you reminders to renew your subscription.  If you are very slow on renewing your subscription, they may start sending you coupons.  You may also get an "introductory offer" if you subscribe from a new Internet or other site.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on magazines.


- Check for magazines that can be read online for free.
- Many magazines don't get old.  If you haven't read them, they are new to you.  Look for
magazines at garage sales, and on ebay.
- Families often share magazines to save money.  When you are done with a magazine, pass it on to another family member.
- Share magazines with friends.








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