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Simple Living



Manageable Tasks

by Nikki Willhite

Simple living can mean many things. To some people it is turning off the television and spending more time with their families. To others it is spending less money shopping and buying items that need maintenance, repair and storage. Or perhaps simple living is just limiting activities so that life can be more relaxing.

One of the key aspects of simple living for me is to accomplish my goals with getting stressed, confused, or overly tired. That can be hard to do.

The biggest thing that I have found to help me in my quest for simple living is to break down everything that I do into "manageable tasks."  Or you could call them "baby steps."

Many of the things that I do can seem daunting if they are looked at as a whole. However, if I take my time, and break up tasks into small parts, things become a whole lot easier.


If you need to de-clutter a room, closet, or even a drawer, don't do it all at once. You will make better organizational decisions if you just do part of the room one day, and more another day. Even an item as small as a drawer can be done over several days. Careful consideration of where to put items will ensure that items don't get lost and you can find them when you need them.


If you are able to clean your house in a few hours, or even one day, I envy you. I may need to clean the kitchen, but if all I can get done on the first day is to clean the oven, it is progress.


Computer tasks can be daunting, whether it is paying bills, doing your taxes, correspondence, family research, working with pictures, and so on. If I have 10 open windows on my monitor, I start feeling overwhelmed, which sometimes leads to confusion. Multi-tasking can get out of control. I'm not a maņana type gal, but I've learned that tasks that don't get done today are often more easily and better done the next day...or the day after that.


Lists are the key to keeping shopping under control. Lack of planning and crisis buying will eat up your time and make life hectic. Keep a list of items you need to buy at the stores where you do your shopping. I keep a list for my grocery store, one for Walmart, and one for Costco. I wait until I get my coupon brochure from Costco, and then pick up all the items I need at one time.

Manageable tasks are just one element of simple living. Don't rush, don't hurry, and don't stress out about the things you need to do. I've heard it said that "women can do everything...they just can't do it all at once."

Breaking tasks down into small segments is going one step further with that idea. For those of us who have been around the block a few times, it may take us longer to do things, but we can still get them done.

The secret is to just break everything down into manageable tasks.

About the Author: Nikki Willhite, mother of 3 and an interior design graduate, has been writing and publishing articles on the topic of frugal living for over a decade. Visit her at - where you will find hundreds of frugal living tips and articles. Frugal Happy Families- more than just money!

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