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Your Must-Know Guide to Mineral Makeup

by Jamie Jefferson

Mineral makeup is the hot new trend in beauty, but it's really not new at all. Many of the first makeup products in history could be considered mineral makeup by today's standards. The modern incarnations of mineral makeup are being promoted by nearly every major brand of cosmetics in the country. If you've been considering mineral makeup, you're in good company. Many women are now making the switch to this lighter, more natural form of coverage. Here are the facts you need to know.

1. Mineral make up is all natural.

Standard foundations and face powders are made from a combination of chemical ingredients and artificial pigments. In contrast, mineral make up is made from minerals, as the name implies. They also contain pigments that are found in nature. When you apply artificial chemicals to your face each and every day, you could be absorbing potential dangerous materials. By using mineral makeup, you're limiting your exposure to these ingredients.

2. Mineral makeup requires less product to get the desired effect.

Mineral makeup uses pure pigments for color. Because these pigments are so strong, the colors in the makeup go a long way. You can get the same effect out of a small amount of mineral makeup than you can out of a large amount of standard makeup. The particles in the mineral makeup, normally mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and ultramarine pigments, are ground so finely that you can get great coverage with very little product.

3. Mineral makeup is preservative-free and bacteria- free.

There are several different characteristics that make mineral makeup bacteria free and long lasting. Since mineral makeup is in a powdered form, it doesn't have any moisture. Although the ingredients are natural they are inorganic, which means they don't decompose. Since they don't decompose, they don't encourage the growth of bacteria and fungus like regular liquid makeup does. Liquid makeup lasts for six months, but mineral makeup can be safely kept for up to two years. There aren't any preservatives in mineral makeup because it naturally lasts a long time. Because of the lack of preservatives, it is very gentle to use and is appropriate for sensitive skin. In fact, many dermatologists recommend it for patients that have sensitive skin.

4. Mineral makeup offers a more natural look.

One of the major complaints with liquid foundations is that it can leave a cakey, thick layer on a woman's skin. Not only does this layer look unnatural, but it can clog pores as well. Mineral makeup fills in the color variations on a woman's skin by covering it in a fine layer of powder. The powder blends into the skin and produces a healthy "glow" that looks totally natural. Many women who have been disappointed by the look that liquid foundation gives them are pleased by the natural and light look created by mineral makeup.

Because mineral makeup is so good for the skin and offers a natural look; many manufacturers are carrying mineral makeup lines. You may need to try several different shades to get the right one but once you find that shade, you may never got back to old liquid make up.



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