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Tightwad Tidbits for Frugal Living  

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Frugal neckties are not hard to come by.  Frugal neckties that look good are harder to find.  The basic shape of a necktie has not changed in decades.  They just get wider, and then then get more narrow.


If you can find a wide necktie in a fabric you like, it is not hard to alter it to a smaller size.  Sewing and making sewing alterations is a skill all people of thrift should develop.


Ties are easy gifts for people to buy. Let it be known that you would like a tie for your birthday or Christmas, and you will probably get several of them.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on neckties.


- Stock up around Father's Day, when they go on sale.
- Keep an eye out at garage and estate sales.
- Learn to sew, and make your own.
- Have  "Tie exchange."  Get your friends together, bring the ties your husband doesn't like, and swap them.  He may not like the new one any better, but if he wasn't wearing the old one, you haven't lost anything.
- Check ebay for economical ties.







Tightwad Tidbits

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