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There are so many ways to save money on phone service, no one should have a high phone bill.  You can drop your landline and just use a cell phone.  You can get a bundled package with your Internet provider.  You can use VOIP technology and services like Vonage.  There are many providers that will give you unlimited long distance.  Look around and make sure you find the best, thrift friendly plan for your area.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on phone service.

- Cell phone service can be expensive.  However, if you only need an emergency cell phone, think about a limited plan where you pay around $15/month.  You don't get a lot of minutes, but they can carry over to the next month.  If you pay for the whole year, it is just a fraction of the amount of paying per month.
- Buy your cell phone on ebay. Be sure that it is unlocked and will work with your desired carrier.
- Avoid contracts.  If your service doesn't work properly, you are stuck.








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