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Pipes: Broken

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Save money on broken pipes and hoses, and the ensuing damage, by taking proper thrift friendly precautions.  Don't let the hoses on your washer and dryer get old and brittle.  When you go on vacation, turn the water to your house off at the street.  Keep an eye on your water meter so that if a pipe breaks between your home and the street, you will be aware of it. 


Your insurance company will not pay your utility bill if you get a broken pipe in your yard, and it will be expensive.  Insurance companies also do not pay to fix, replace or upgrade your plumbing.  They only cover the damage from the water. 


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on broken pipes.


- During very cold weather, let the water drip in your sinks next to outside walls to keep the pipes from freezing.
- Wrap your outside pipes for the winter.
- It you pipes freeze, be careful how you thaw them.
- If you have galvanized pipes, replace them when possible, as they will eventually break.








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