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Save money on pizza by purchasing it at a discounted price. It is not uncommon for people to order pizza and then never pick it up.  If you talk to the store manager, you may be able to pick up these pizzas at a discounted price.  If you are going to eat takeout pizza, try and get it at a thrift friendly cost.


Learning to make your own pizza also saves money.  You can start with a plain cheese pizza from the deli and then add your favorite ingredients.  Other options are to use French bread or premade crust from the bakery, or enhance a frozen pizza.  You will save the most money if you make the crust from scratch, but if time is limited, use one of the other options and save money over pizza delivery.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money on pizza.


- Don't buy pizza if you are not willing to eat leftover pizza, either warmed up or cold.  Pizza is too expensive to waste.
- Never buy pizza without a coupon.
- Pick up your own pizza and save on delivery charges.








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