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You can save a lot of money quilting by purchasing fabric on sale or with coupons.  You can achieve thrift in other ways, like making larger and easier blocks that use less fabric.  You can also recycle fabric from your clothing and other household textiles to make quilts.


Quilts can serve many purposes.  Art quilts are beautiful, and large ones can help insulate an outside wall.  Most quilters like to organize and keep leftover scraps of fabric for other projects, but you can also sell them on ebay.


Savings and thrift can also be achieved by the choice of batting.  You can use old blankets between the front and the back of a quilt.  Use can also use sheets for quilt backing.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on quilting.


- Save all your scraps.  Beautiful projects can be made out of tiny pieces of fabric.
- Always buy your supplies at least 40% off, from fabric to thread.
- For thinner fabrics, you can use serger thread for piecing.
- Be aware of the difference between "utility quilts" and "heirloom quilts."  Don't mix the high quality materials with the less expensive ones.
- Don't buy a lot of fabric beginning to quilt.  If you like it, and get good at it, you will want to invest in better fabric.








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