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Rentals: Cars

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Save money renting cars by checking the price at all available resources. It may be more thrift friendly to rent a car from a car dealer than a rental agency.  Car dealers are also more apt to negotiate prices.


If you are trying to extend the life of your personal car,  think about renting a car for your vacation, as opposed to taking your personal vehicle.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on car rentals.


- Costco has a car rental discount program.
- Most personal automobile insurance will apply to your rental car.  Check with your agent.
- Price check auto rental companies.  Rates vary. 
- Upgrades and discounts are available on the Internet.
- Look for coupons in newspapers and magazines.
- Always thoroughly inspect a rental car before you take possession of it.  If there is any damage of the car, you may get charged for it when you return the car.  If there is any damage to the car, be sure it is documented, preferably with pictures, before you accept it.









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