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You must be frugal and exercise thrift to prepare for retirement. The best way to save money on retirement is to reduce your expenses.  The last thing you want when you retire is to have to increasing rent payments.  Work toward home ownership. Pay extra principal on your mortgage payment each month. Ideally you should pay off your mortgage before you retire.  If you can't do that, at least have a fixed payment.


Do not take on debt.  Learn to live within your means.  Do not buy a house that is expense to maintain.  Learn habits of thrift and frugality that you can use when you need them the most.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to help with money in retirement.


- Keep as healthy as possible.  Medical costs can escalate as we get older.
- Get anticipated dental work done while you still have insurance.
- Learn to be as frugal as possible before you retire, and you won't find living on a smaller income as difficult.








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