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Cake Recipes



Cream Cheese Brownies   Brownies made from a German chocolate cake mix, and topped with cream cheese, chips and nuts.


Polish Apple Cake Recipe   Frugal homemade apple cake recipe using fresh apples and walnuts.


Frugal Banana Cake: Homemade and Frugal Banana Cake Recipe:   A frugal and homemade recipe for banana cake.

Carrot Cake

Easy Apple Carrot Cake   An easy carrot cake recipe using a cake mix and applesauce.


Easy Homemade Cheesecake    Recipe made with sour cream, cream cheese and a graham cracker crust.


Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake -  A homemade recipe using cocoa.

Easy Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes - Cupcakes made with a boxed cake mix, and a filling of cream cheese.

Zucchini Chocolate Cake, by Wendy Kennedy -  A homemade recipe for chocolate cake made with zucchini.  


Easy Peach Cobbler  -  Easy recipe, using canned peaches and a boxed cake mix.

Coffee Cake

Homemade Coffee Cake -  A frugal coffee cake with a crumb topping.

Eggless Cake

Eggless Cake Recipe, by Nikki Willhite   A cake that uses mayonnaise instead of eggs

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake -  Ingredients include a yellow cake mix, canned pineapple slices, and vanilla pudding.

Pound Cake

Cake Mix Pound Cake  -  Pound cake made with a yellow cake mix and a instant lemon pudding mix.


Easy and Frugal Pumpkin Cupcakes - Homemade Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe.





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