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Dessert Recipes


Finger Jello   A quick and easy recipe for Finger Jello, great to take on picnics because it won't melt.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Ball Snacks  A quick no-cook nutritional snack for children made with peanut butter.


Hawaiian Pineapple Dessert   A pineapple dessert made with sugar cookie dough and vanilla pudding.

Pudding Plus

Easy Strawberry Mouse: Fast, Frugal and Delicious. Frugal and easy blender recipe for strawberry mousse using fresh strawberries.

Pistachio Pineapple Pudding  Another Quick Make-ahead dessert for a busy day.

Pistachio Pudding Bars  A pistachio pudding and cream cheese dessert recipe.


Strawberry Trifle   Ingredients include fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, sour cream, and angel or pound cake.





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