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Soup and Chowder Recipes

Homemade Soup and Chowder Recipes for the Frugal Homemaker





Quick Chicken Vegetable Soup  Easy recipe for chicken soup using chicken broth and fresh or canned chicken.



Taco Soup   A quick and easy soup made with hamburger, kidney beans and corn.



Corn Chowder Recipe  Frugal Corn and Potato Chowder.  Frugal homemade corn chowder recipe made with bacon and red potatoes.



Cheesy Potato Chowder    A frugal homemade potato chowder made with creamed corn.



Vegetable Bean Soup    Easy homemade vegetable soup with kidney beans and canned diced tomatoes.



Peanut Butter Soup Recipe  A recipe for peanut butter soup made with creamy peanut butter, chicken broth and milk.


How to Make Homemade Soup Stock, by Nikki Willhite    How to make homemade soup stock.




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