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Saving Money

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It is said that "Expenses rise to meet income."  This is usually the case.  Frugal people save money. You can cut expenses with thrift, but you must set money aside.  If you are having trouble saving money, let your bank or employer help you.  Either have money taken out of your paycheck and put into a savings plan, or have your bank automatically transfer money every week from your checking account into a savings account.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some frugal tips to save money:

- Start putting your change at the end of the day in a piggy bank.  It will add up.
- When money isn't earning interest, lower your exemptions with your employer.  You will lose money from your paycheck, but get it back in your tax refund.
- Cut your expenses across the board just like a business.  Find ways to slash the cost on
everything you can, from clothing to food. 








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