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Every frugal shopper and thrift seeker takes advantage of every markdown and sales price on items they buy with regularity.  Here are a few ways to buy items on sale.


Every store has a clearance section that contains everything from dented to discontinued merchandise. These areas are often hard to find. Often they are in the back corners of the store, behind other merchandise. Locate these areas in the stores where you do your shopping.


Take advantage of "loss-leader" items.  These are items that are marked below cost to draw you into the store.  They are are heavily advertised, and the stores often run out of them. Most stores do, however, have a rain check policy. Most people don't want to bother, but take them time to fill out the form so you can buy the item at the reduced price when the store has the item in stock again. 


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money on shopping.


- Know the different between "wants" and "needs" and limit your "wants."
- Shop alone when possible.  You will be tempted to buy more items if you bring more people.
- Don't make shopping  recreational or social.  Unless you have lots of money, take it as seriously as paying the bills.
- Evaluate items in terms of time.  If you make $10 an hour, and want to buy something that costs $100, is it worth 10 hours of your time for the item?  Or 20 hours of your time, if you consider what is left in your paycheck after taxes, etc.
- Whenever possible, buy used items.








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