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Tightwad Tidbits for Frugal Living  

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If you are a person of thrift, you do not engage in recreational spending, or buy things you cannot afford.  If you want to reign in your spending, the easiest way to do it is to think of items you want to buy in terms of time. Time is money...and money is time.


Look at the price of the item. Then calculate how many hours of work it would take for you to buy it. Let's say you (or your spouse) have a job that pays $15 an hour. You are considering buying a picture for your home that costs $90. Is that picture worth working 6 hours of work to buy it?  This little touch of reality is a really good way to avoid frivolous buying.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to help control spending money.


- Never buy anything without thinking about it overnight.
- Always discuss purchases over a specific dollar amount with your spouse.
- Stop all sales brochures and catalogues from being delivered to your home.
- Know the difference between "wants" and "needs" and limit your spending to "needs."  You can still shop, but spend your money and time on gifts and the like.







Tightwad Tidbits

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