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Simple Living Households

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Bowling Parties for Kids, by Nikki Willhite. How to give your child a fun, simple living birthday party at a bowling alley.

Simple Living Cakes  Ideas to make providing a cake for a celebration easier.


My Beanie Babies. The ease of growing beans in containers for simple living gardening.


Tightwad Treasures   Tightwads are happy people, with fewer problems than those who go into debt.


How to Make Your Dog Happy: Frugal Ways to Show Your Dog Love  How to make your dog happier.

Pets and Your Home:  How to Frugally Get Rid of Pet Odor  How to prevent and remove the smells pet make in your home.


Homes and Scent: Frugal Relaxation for Your Home  How to use scent in your home to enjoy life more.

Polyester and Pink Flamingos, by Nikki Willhite   How to live a simple life so that you can enjoy the future in comfort.





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