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Trash Cans


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Don't let your trash cans get so dirty that you just want to throw them out. Trash cans always seem to get dirty, even when you line them with plastic bags. Here is an easy way to keep them clean- especially the one under the kitchen sink.

Use a two-can system. Most people have a bucket/can they use for water when mopping their floor. When it is time to mop the floor, empty the kitchen trash, and use it as your mop bucket, which will keep it clean.

When you are done, place it in the utility room to dry, and replace the trash can under the sink with the clean one in the utility room. Just keep alternating the cans when you mop, and they will both keep clean.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some frugal tips save money on trash cans.


- Repurpose an old plastic bin or similar object from your home.
- Find a suitable can at a garage sale or the thrift store.
- In inconspicuous areas, just use a large paper bag.








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