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Utilities: Attics

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Save money keeping your attic cool by making sure you have air vents.  If you don't have anywhere for the hot air to escape, your attic will heat up, and your house will not cool off. 


It is also important that you do not allow the insulation in your attic to cover the air vents, rendering them useless.  You can buy thrift friendly attic insulation baffles, made of Styrofoam, for just a couple of dollars.  They will insure that the insulation does not move in front of the air vents.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on utilities using your attic.


- The most important insulation in your home is in your attic.  Make sure it is up to code.
- If you see a neighbor getting insulation blown into their attic, go ask them if they will do your
home also.  You may get a discount because they are already in the neighborhood, and they may have leftover insulation in their truck.
- Check for rebates and specials from your utility company, and state and government programs.








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