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Air Conditioning

Portable Floor Air Conditioners: Frugal Air Conditioning for Your Home   How to save money and cool down your house with a portable floor air conditioner.


Save Money on Electricity,  by Nikki Willhite.  How to Cut Your Electric Bill.

Home Heating

You and Your Heating Ducts   How sealing your heating ducts saves you money, and the the need to check with your utility company for rebates.


You and Your Home Insulation - The insulation your home needs and how to save time and money on it.


Watching Your Meters   Learn where your meters are, how they work, and what makes them spin and spend money.


Frugal Kitchen Faucet Selection: Eco Faucets: Friend or Foe?  How to choose a kitchen faucet and the new ECO friendly low-flow faucets.

Water Heater Savings  How to save money on both water usage and heating water with our water heaters.


Keeping Cool in the Summer   How to keep your home and yourself cooler in the hot weather.

The Day the Lights Went Out in Seattle   What happens if you are not prepared for an emergency and some emergency advice.

The Untold Story of Hurricane Andrew  Nature's devastation from the journal of an insurance adjuster.

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